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Easy to eat, the prune d’Agen Lou Prunel's  are delicious and can be eaten without any preparation 

Natural and delicious, prunes concentrate, in a minimum of volume, numerous nutritional assets. It can be eaten nature throughout the day. It is an ideal and justifying appetite suppressant as it does not present the negative effects of the traditional snacks.

The sportsmen, the children and the teenagers rapidly expanding will appreciate from early morning the energy of its carbohydrates to avoid the "sudden feelings of exhaustion" of the morning.

Organic prunes, a perfect diet product

93 % of the calories of the prune are made by quickly available carbohydrates for the body.
These carbohydrates, not only do not gain weight, but also associated to fibers they contribute to the satiety.
50 g of prunes (that is 4 big prunes) represents 115 kcal. For example, a chocolate croissant represents 275 kcal.

The content particularly raised in potassium (626 mg / 100 g), associated with a particularly low rate of sodium   (1 mg / 100 g) confers on Agen Lou Prunel's prune an undeniable natural diuretic properties for the people suffering from venous disorders and from water retention. 

This soluble fibers contribute to regulate the glycemia and to diminue the cholesterol rate.

The organic Agen prunes Lou Prunel : a dried fruit adapted for all 

Well for the transit 

Nothing more natureal than eating prunes to facilitate the intestinal transit. 

Ideal for babies 

It is the opportunity for baby to discover a new taste, a new texture and to help the baby to fight against the disorders of the transit, in particular during the weaning. Make him try the pulp of the prune and observe his reaction !

Ideal for the pregnant women 

The pregnant women often have problems of transit. These temporary inconveniences can be decreased, even otally corrected, by eating prunes of Agen or by tasting our pulp of prunes. They will bring besides the completely beneficial energy complements to the future mom and to her baby.

Ideal for the sportsmen 

During a physical effort, the body needs a contribution in water, minerals, proteins and vitamins. Very low-fat, the prune possesses naturally vitamins and minerals which the sportsman needs. The magnesium which it contains warns the appearance of the cramps, whereas vitamins A and E protect cardiovascular risks by them properties antioxidants and participate in the detoxification of the body. 

The prune has the advantage to combine carbohydrates with effect "starter"  and others who assure an effective durability during the effort following the example of sugars slow assimilation (fructose and sorbitol).

Ideal for the elderly 

Vitamins A and E contained in the prune favor the protection of tissues, slow down the skin aging and play a preventive role in the development of cancers. 

This soft fruit will suit perfectly to the people subject to problems of chewing or set of teeth (without forgetting to remove the pit beforehand!). 

Our organic prunes of Agen bring you all the benefactions of the prune, without pesticides and without conservative, for more than 30 years!

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